A Better Recruiting Experience For Medical Association Members and Employers.

MedGeo is an interactive, map-based career exploration platform purpose-built to provide a better recruiting experience for medical association members and recruiting employers

Unlike traditional job boards, MedGeo partners directly with medical associations, which puts your organization in front of highly specialized audiences with the skills and experience you need.

​Choose an association to get started.

​MedGeo puts you in front of more highly qualified candidates.

Whether you're actively recruiting today, or will be in the future, your can market, engage, and recruit the most highly qualified candidates in your field.

Members use a map to discover employers at the local level.

Market individual employment sites to candidates through location profiles and post roles you're actively working to fill.

Members can follow local job markets and employer sites.

Candidates who choose to "follow" an individual employment site or an entire location will be the first to receive notifications when there are updates to a market or new roles posted.

Job seekers can message you — even if you don’t have a job posted.

MedGeo enables you to receive messages from interested professionals and candidates who are interested in learning more about your locations.